Hi, I am Kakoli Mistrii

Founder of Soul Urjaa
I’m on a mission to bring Tarot into the mainstream. I’m here to help you trust your intuition, access your inner power, and bring the divine into your everyday life, using Tarot as your guide.

What We Do

As a reader, my goal for my clients is to help them access the answers they need to move forward in their lives. Whether you are blocked in your decision-making, or feel that you are unable to move forward at the crossroads you find yourself in, I’m here to help.

our purpose

As a teacher, my approach is querent-centric. This means that my main focus is to help you learn how to read tarot for others.

If you want to be of service to others by reading tarot for friends, family, or even paying clients one day, I teach tarot for readers of all levels – from beginner to advanced.

Services We Provide

I help you navigate cross-roads in your personal and professional life to break through limitations. Step into full empowerment today!

“I have witnessed hundreds of trainers come and go but it’s been an absolute treat to watch Siddharth incessantly grow, from scratch to now becoming one of the Pioneers in the digital coaching space in India.”

Suren Jayasekar

Founder - SuccessGyan Academy

“Siddharth is a path breaker. He has pioneered the digital training & coaching industry in India. With an expansive vision, an unmatched work ethic, and a massive intent to just give more & more to people, he is one leader to watch out for and follow in today’s digital age.”

Rajiv Talreja

Asia's Leading Business Coach

“Siddharth’s ability to simplify concepts and digitally help people to achieve their goals is unparalleled. I have personally learnt a lot from him and I use his learnings to grow my business and my tribe daily.”

Puja Puneet

India's Leading Life Coach

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Soul Urjaa offers a range of effective Tarot Cards, Pendulum Dowsing, Crystal Healing and Reiki. We can assist with relationship issues, marriage and divorce breakdowns, grief and loss, career development, parenting, childhood trauma and abandonment issues. Using a range of Counselling therapy models, the therapist will listen, sympathise and help you find new coping tools. And explore new perspectives for problem-solving, exploring new strategies and resolving issues.

“For coaches and trainers who are looking at leveling up digitally, Siddharth has laid out the precise roadmap for success.”

Jack Canfield

International best-selling author of The Success Principles

“The nuts and bolts of creating and building the coaching business of your dreams – all in one book.”

Dr. John Demartini

International best-selling author of The Breakthrough Experience

“This will give every trainer the fuel to accelerate their impact in the world. Sidz is a student of mine and I’m glad that he has simplified all his digital strategies in one book.”

Blair Singer

International best-selling author of Team Code of Honour and Sales Dogs

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Know Your Mentor

Unveiling the Incredible Journey of Kakoli Mistri: From Homemaker to Empowering Women
In a world where personal transformations can inspire and empower, Kakoli Mistri’s remarkable voyage from a homemaker and teacher to a successful entrepreneur and life coach is an epitome. Her story not only defies convention but also serves as a sign of hope for those wanting to overcome life’s hurdles and transform them into opportunities.

Kakoli Mistri’s story reflects the incredible potential that we all possess. Her path to becoming the founder of Soul Urjaa, a community dedicated to women’s empowerment, began with a vision and enduring dedication.

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